Real Estate Solutions for a Dynamic and Changing Market Environment.

Serving Westchester County and the Greater New York City Area.

Real Estate Solutions

Foreclosure Solutions

The partners at Laureldale are experienced investors in distressed residential property. Our goal, with a property facing foreclosure, is to ensure that all parties end up in better financial condition than before our involvement.

Owner/Defaulted borrower: We assist in the disposition of the property which has become unaffordable and unmanageable. This avoids bankruptcy filing, avoids losing the property at auction, and maintains credit worthiness in this difficult situation.

Lender: Is motivated to dispose of property that has been taken back at auction (REO). Laureldale can complete an efficient all-cash purchase. If the Lender is interested in disposing of a defaulted loan, Laureldale will purchase the loan or negotiate with all parties to obtain a loan satisfaction.

Neighboring Owners/Residents/Boards of Directors: Gratified to see a distressed property, that is in default with substantial deferred maintenance, converted into a newly renovated, upgraded unit, with new occupants. Laureldale's sales of renovated properties to end-user purchasers raises the comparative sales prices in the building or neighborhood and increases local sales volume. Thus, the local real estate sales market benefits from Laureldale's involvement in the property.

Renovation Solutions

Laureldale completes extensive renovations and upgrades on all the properties we sell. This results in units with new kitchens, bathrooms, floors (new or refinished), electrical upgrades, and many cosmetic and infrastructural improvements. When completed to our standards, the units enter the resale market in move-in condition.

Laureldale has the working capital and access to a network of talented contractors and laborers to complete renovations and upgrades in a timely fashion. Our properties time and again have realized full-market value. The loan approval process for our purchasers is facilitated by smoother appraisals as a result of the substantial work completed in our properties.

Partnerships with Co-op and Condominium Boards

Laureldale has succeeded in partnering with Boards of Directors to revitalize their local resale markets. We partner on undervalued, un-renovated units that have not attracted a buyer from the market. The sales of Laureldale’s renovated units raise comparative sale prices which result in overall higher prices for other shareholders who are sellers. This proven process is instrumental in removing stale listings that negatively impact a building's perception in the local market.

What We Do

Laureldale Partners LLC primary activities are to invest in distressed residential real estate property in the Westchester County and Greater New York City markets.

This is facilitated by the:

  • Purchase of property at foreclosure auctions.

  • Purchase of property during the foreclosure process, prior to auction.

  • Purchase of property from lenders and other secured parties after auction.

  • Partnering with financial institutions, cooperative and condominium apartment buildings.

Laureldale Partners:

  • Supplies direct capital to invest in the projects.

  • Has expertise in renovation and marketing of properties.

  • Principles of the firm have lived through many market cycles and recognize how to navigate through both up and down markets.

  • Can solve physical problems with the property.

  • Can solve financial problems with existing mortgages and co-op loans.

  • Works with apartment complexes to take inactive listings and bring them back to market with greater value and shorter marketing periods.

What We Look For

  • Laureldale seeks to purchase distressed and undervalued residential property in the Westchester County and other local New York area markets.

  • We have access to working capital and labor resources which allow us to pursue opportunities in many different markets.

  • It is our goal to partner with management companies, co-op corporations, and condominium boards to formulate solutions that revitalize the property's value for higher resale.

  • We are seeking to help lenders dispose of REO inventory and defaulted loan portfolios by partnering with them and using our marketing and renovation expertise.

  • We aim to create solutions in highly complex real estate situations where our tools and skills can be utilized.